One of our main attractions is our Dolphins Show. Children and adults alike will love this spectacular and funny event at “The Dolphinarium”. Our marine artists Risho and Olin, a couple pacific Bottlenose Dolphins will amaze you with the tricks, strength and intelligence that characterize these amazing creatures!
You can’t miss this comic show. Lily and Perla, a couple of Californian Seals (also known as Sea Wolves) will make you laugh while they perform this great and funny show. You will be surprised of what Seals can do!
You will love this cute show. Pepe, Lola and Heidy are three baby Sea Lions and they are learning some tricks to become Marine Stars, you wont want to miss them!
If you come to Splash with your kids, this is the place to be!.. We have a fantastic and specially designed Kids Zone where children will spend hours of wet fun! This is an area with low speed and shallow water attractions. Perfect for toddlers and youngsters!
This is one of people’s favorite!… lazily take a relaxing float along the Lazy River and enjoy the freshwater rocky waterfalls while you are taken all around the kids zone!
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